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Why has sololearn fallen so far?

Its disappointing to log back into this app after so long and see so much useful material locked behind a pay wall. When i first started using this app, it was unique in that it provided quality content without a need for monetization, there were no ads, no pro membership, just a community of users who could lean on eachother to learn programming and computer concepts together. I guess i can even get needing the ads, the people who created this deserve money for their work, i can even understand an ad free pro membership, however it makes me sick to see extra practice material where we can actual utulize the skills we are learning locked behind a subscription fee. As more and more functionality gets added to the "pro" subscription the base user experience seems more and more hollow, cant even set a daily goal for myself. Anyway its sad to see how far this app has fallen while ive been away. It seems the developers have decided to veer from their original ideals for some extra cash.

4/18/2021 5:03:49 AM

Robert Atkins

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The free part is just the sample copy that should make you hungry for the rest that is hidden behind a paywall. Somehow the operators also have to earn the money to pay their running costs, e.g. salaries of employees, equipment, office rent, server rent. I understand your displeasure: Advertising is annoying, so is a paywall.


It's a standard business practice known as "bait and switch". You bait the customers with a product then reduce the quality of that product but offer a more expensive product which provides what was in the original product. It's a way of building your customer base and gaining market penetration. this technique is also practiced by drug dealers.


To be honest, I agree with you. The more and more things being locked behind pro is a bit annoying. For instance, the daily goal feature occupies a big portion of the Profile section, but is for Pro users only. But in favour of SoloLearn, the things locked behind pro are quite reasonable. The pro-only features don't really interfere with user experience. For example, you can use the features that make the actual app like Q&A Forum, Code Playground, Feed, messaging. You only need Pro for some 'extra' features like daily goal (which is useless IMHO) and extra practise problems. They are not indespensible. You can live without them. I was Pro for 1 year (got it for free), and to be honest, it isn't really worth it to pay for those features. You get extra problems which you can get on any other platform also, you get to see who visited your profile which is useless, and there are no ads, which personally don't affect me as there aren't many ads unless you play a lot of challenges.


I find the discussion forum to be the most interesting feature of SoloLearn. There are many sites that offer basic programming tuition and "try it yourself" features but not many that combine a discussion area for novices. Stack overflow can be very terse with newbies and it is frustrating answering the same question repeatedly. However, it has to be taken into account that many of the first time users of SoloLearn are teenagers who have very little experience with searching forums. Admittedly there is always going to be a certain amount of "spoon feed me answer" and "do my homework" questions but that's just how these things go. The worst part about SoloLearn is the badge earning. I understand that this is intended as a motivator for community involvement but it also attracts the "participation award" group. These users appear to be more interested in earning badges than learning to code.


Martin Taylor where is quality reduced? More lessons More features also for free. Let the profs get their sugar. But I also see improvement for the nonprofs. Well... BadgeHunter... I myself am not free of it and working on level 17. But as well there is a group discussing code etc. Surrounded by PleaseDoMyHomework this group is which makes SL worthfull for me. It is the art of ignoring the rest.


same here after around 5 months i am back and seeing all this makes me feel sad first there was everything available for free and now it is just the opposite i know that for revenue they need to add ads and that is okay but making challenges and codes problems pro is ridiculous.


Perhaps I have overlooked something, but I haven't noticed any features that were once free and now require a Pro subscription. AFAIK, Pro features are all new. The reason Sololearn was once entirely free of cost and free from ads was because startup expenses were paid by grants. Inevitably, grants run out. It was always part of the plan to monetize the platform and either become independent of the grants or else close up shop. Be thankful they are still here.


i dont know for myself im quite content. new languages, new courses. amazing. i expect more things coming soon, just a hunch.


Based on user's satisfaction of this app , I genuinely compare Sololearn to Google Inc, specially YouTube. If u know what I mean ... I completely understand ur point and I hope they give a damn about our concerns here πŸ€” Like I've been using this app for more than 2 years and now look ... note : I hope modders don't come here ,reposting that "welcome to sololearn forum" saying ur post is irrelevant or sth cuz the same happened to me when i posted a topic:"stop posting hack questions". πŸ˜’ This is the only place where everyone can see it so why not post it here ?


I wasn't expecting so many active users in solo learnπŸ€”πŸ˜€


Brian Few months ago, we could run the example codes in the lessons, but now we need subscriptions for it, which i believe is the biggest regression of the app. Please, make it free SL. This pro-feature doesn't make any sense accept for wasting the time of the learners, because we can still see the code, then why not let us run the code immediately so that we don't have to go back and then write it ourselves in our playground and then run, and then return back for the lesson again; too much work. Otherwise, I love this app! Nothing is perfect.


Brian Really ? That's weird , maybe there's a limit to the "Try it yourself". I too could use it when this update came while others were complaining bout it, but after few practices, i couldn't anymore. I think you'll soon run out of practice too with the free, if not, then this is a bug ought to be fixed by authority. It's "Tap to try" instead of "Try it yourself" now.


InfiniteLoop well, that is a genuine departure from principle. I have not yet seen it where "Try it yourself" is only available to Pro users. My Android app is up to date and it still works for me in all the lessons I have been in recently.