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Pls anyone suggest me good python projects

4/17/2021 4:57:37 PM


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You might have a look at it:


On udmey u can get many projects ideas check out


42 Exciting Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners [2021]  by Rohit Sharma


Shivani PYTHON- 1. DICE ROLLING STIMULATOR 2. Dictionary 3. Hangman game 4. school donation analysis system 5. screen pet 6. egg catcher game 7. smart calculator 8. caterpillar game 9. music player 10. portfolio app 11. todo list web app 12. basic encryption system app 13. random password generator app GUI BASED 14. Digital clock 15. Speech to text and text to speech coverted GUI BASED 16. Face detection app 17. Automate weather forecast 18. web scraping bot to scrap weather or any other data like top tech news or anything 19. twitter bot to post automatically or reply to other messages These are some ideas to start from basic to advanced. Hope these ideas will help you😊