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Inactive moderators

How is that possible someone who havent been active for months or even year has still moderator status?

4/17/2021 1:05:58 AM

David Dolejsi

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Moderators are volunteers. Being inactive is not against moderators guideline.


"Forever" is a term for infinitely long period of time. SoloLearn itself may not last forever. 🤷‍♂️


There's a similar behavior with user's level. Suppose your xp is 3000 at level3 and 2999 for level2. Later if you lose some xp and you fall within the 2000 range, you still retain the level3 status. I don't think that's how it should work. However, a downvoter on this thread should atleast give a reason for his/her downvote on my HARMLESS contribution to this thread. I'd appreciate that.


It's probably more about being dependable and not misusing your mod status, iirc a few people have been stripped of their mod badge for misconduct. I bet Sololearn doesn't care whether any particular mod is active or not, as long as there are enough of us to go around. Even the plats are inactive at times. Things happen, sometimes you have other stuff to do, it's not like we swore an oath to be here 24/7 :)


Slick it is community related, if you know about mod status u can answer else ...


Gordon ok, does that mean if someone reach platinum mod status, it remains forever for them?


I think it's a nice question and i also don't find anything logical in that 1. [If youre not yet a mod] You're not likely to be a mod if you've been inactive for years. 2. [If you're a mod] you can still retain the mod status by being inactive for years while not actually MODERATING anything. I could say for most users, being active is directly proportional to getting a mod badge. Then suddenly, the "being active" doesnt count anymore after getting the badge. I understand the "working under the hood" mod but atleast the "working" part doesn't make them inactive. From the moderator guidelines, a mod is described as a "volunteer WORKING to make the community safe" not sure how the community could be moderated by a ghost type


David Dolejší remember moderator status isn't a post. it's a batch given to high valued members of sololearn who are allowed to moderate. and "Batches" are not supposed to be taken away. [even if you die] <as my brain says>


David Dolejší Which moderator do you know who is inactive for years? Beeing inactive for month: There is still a pandemic, so maybe they have other problems. And I would say only Sololearn can answer your question.


Denise Roßberg i hope you knw that months makes a year lol. Someone can still be inactive for months and still in years. For example this user have been inactive for approximately 24months. You'll find more of them in the comment section of some old courses


Mirielle[ Exams ] If someone writes "for years" I expect more than one year. Years = plural = more than one. ;) So the profile you found is a good example because he is really inactive for more than one year. From the comments in the code section I would say since around 08/2018. I don't know what Sololearn does with such moderators. Theoretically, it is possible to lose your badge or to be downgraded (e.g. inactive gold moderator becomes silver moderator). But someone from Sololearn has to take care for it.


Denise Roßberg if you want know exactly check this profile -> followers (there is even platinum mod innactive for a year) Schindlabua Coding Kitty I would say there is difference between 1-2 monts and half year, I also happened to be inactive for days cause I had studies or holiday with friends but if someone decides to take mod badge, it is polite return it in case if they know probably leaveing sl forever


I think it should stay with them forever because they contributed a lot to this community greatness with out sololearn paying them so if you reach mod status it means you have contributed enough see it as a reward rather than a Job because they don't get pay has mod though


people have life outside the internet David Dolejší mods are also programmers just like us.


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Wonder that in your feed please EDIT: David Dolejší your question is not programming related. Try me.