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Is python a scripting language?

4/14/2021 8:18:40 PM

Anurag Madhesia

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Yes, Python is scripting, general-purpose, high-level, and interpreted programming language. It also provides the object-oriented programming approach. The filename extension of Python can be various types such as .


Python is a scripting language widely used


Yeah python is a scripting language.


Anurag Madhesia Yes, Python is scripting language


python is like java it can do anything others do.


Yes Python is scripting language.


Yes, of course. Python is so.


Python is the best programming language for beginners.


Python does not teach you everything about computer science probably you will need to study C to understand foundations of programming and may be some C++, C#


Yes, python is a scripting language. It also provides OOP approach. It is majorly used for web applications.


what is scripting? if you mean for simple tasks, then you are wrong. Python is well developed, highly functional, advanced language like any other with added benefit of human like language syntax, it is the game changer language in 2021from data science, machine learning, scientific calculations for NASA, cybersecurity for FBI, network analysis, automation AI, Robotics, web UI flask, and Data base Django versions. It is a must have skill now for would be aspiring software engineers.


Yes, python is a scripting language. It is used world wide and mainly for building web applications. It also prodivdes OOP approaches. It is also easy for beginners of programming languages. But of course, it will not teach everything on programming.


Yes! Of course Python is a scripting language... It is a common scripting language, too.