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Is facebook authentication for the Android app not working for others?

When trying to log in on the Android app, I'm getting this message: Error Feature Unavailable: Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this app. That is after following these steps: 1. Open the sololearn app. 2. Click "f" button. This button is under the text "Continue with" and to the right of Google's "G" button. 3. Then the above error message appears. I had no problem signing in until today.

4/13/2021 9:04:53 PM

Josh Greig

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Yes, it is happening to my friends too. Even my account was connected with fb. But now I can see it's not. 🙂🔫


Martin, yes, not only breaking stuff on a regular basis but breaking the same things the same ways repeatedly. As I type this in a web browser, I know there's a 30% or so chance that when I try to post this comment, it'll just get stuck in the loading animation and not actually save. I know this because that feature broke that way every week for the last few months that I heavily used sololearn. Part of it could be testing new changes in production. Part of it could be more silly. Maybe they don't use version control properly and one team member routinely breaks the commenting feature every time he deploys. This gets fixed only when another developer deploys his changes. I can't think of another way for the same bugs to be reintroduced frequently.


It is still not working for me but thanks for sharing that it was broken for others and started working for some people. That means I don't need to troubleshoot my facebook account or anything else on my end.


Now, it worked for me. :-D


They probably won't read or apply notes on regression testing, though. With a little more effort, we could make a tool to queue up answers for specific discussion questions and periodically(every 15 minutes or so) try to post one of them until it succeeds and then post them all. This might violate terms of use for sololearn but if they're reasonable, they should understand.