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How much does it take to learn html course?

It's been near a month since I started to learn html. Is it too much?

4/13/2021 1:23:21 PM

Zana Abdi

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Hi Zana! SoloLearn is unique as it lets you learn at your own pace, and whenever you feel like it. That said, however, there's a cool new feature where you can set a learning goal (1-3 lessons per day) that rewards you with extra xp and a fancy badge. It also helps if you learn continuously and on as much of a schedule as possible. I've completed some courses in less than an hour, while others I have yet to complete after all these years. The most important thing is to learn at a pace that will ensure you can remember and use the most important aspects of the lessons. Cheers!


It depends and differs from person to person


html is easy but you must learn it with css and javascript in the same time. may you forget somethings in html and css; it isn't important. Whenever you need them, you will refer to the reference.


Hey Zana, Learning HTML is not gonna take much of your time. It's normal to spend even two months on learning, even on the simplest things as HTML, CSS, ... while you are absolutely new to coding. Spend more time on it. I learned HTML within a week by spending 4 hours a day. At that time I used to study at and videos. Don't only rely on sololearn when it comes to programming. Try other sources as well.


It depends from person to other Maybe it can take 🤔 3 weeks


I finished HTML on a 2weeks


Hi Zana Abdi , HTML is the easiest language to understand and complete it’s fine to take your time to fully understand the language but the reality you don't have to understand everything, the fundamental is more than enough, I would suggest trying to finish as fast as possible because even if you skip some stuff you will face them again in your journey of web development, you also have more languages to learn like CSS to style your web page it’s so much fun, and you have javascript to give interactive to your app, and finally you have frameworks which are there to help you code better and faster they are optional but recommended for the jobs



Mastering programming languages takes a lot of time...just learn at ur own pace and understand everything u learn...also learn how to apply what u have learnt easily😉


Just keep learning even for 10 mints per day