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Is it easier to use the Windows Developer Kit for Robotics first?

4/13/2021 6:22:06 AM

Gregg Alan Hunter

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I worked with RobotOS(ROS) and made a robotic car simulator(IARRCSim) but never heard of Windows Robotics Studio until seeing your question. I recommend not starting with the Windows Developer Kit for Robotics because it looks outdated, out of support, and unpopular. says it requires Windows 7 which is pretty old now. I recommend ROS and it appears Microsoft recommends you use Robot Operating System(ROS) instead even if you're in Windows. ROS works in both Windows and Linux. To install it in Windows, follow these instructions: A video version of Windows installation instructions is at: A Microsoft developer introduces ROS here: If you're curious about IARRCSim, a couple videos made with the simulator are at: - - - IARRCSim was designed for a very specific autonomous car driving competition. It is very simple to use for that competition but less flexible than ROS for other kinds of robotic hardware or environments. IARRCSim is faster to install and you could DM me if interested in checking that out.