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Some bugs in kotlin code playground?

I think in playground for kotlin has some issues because I written our code and run that tell me please check your internet connection. If anyone face this issues then tell me how I can remove.

4/12/2021 4:31:41 AM

Bhoopesh Maurya

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Yup! You're correct. Maybe there is an issue in Kotlin compiler. I got `NO OUTPUT` as well. Hope everything will be fine soon👍🏻 Update:Bhoopesh Maurya this issue has been fixed. Check it again .


Hello Bhoopesh Maurya Please write a mail to sololearn: [email protected] The mod team will also inform sololearn. Let's hope they wil fix the bug soon.


It happens to me also


Yes! I thought it was my network. I can't even test the code.