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I cant answer exponentiation

Let's use exponentiation to solve a known problem. You are offered a choice of either $1.000.000 or $0.01 (one penny) doubled every day for 30 days (the resulting amount is doubled every day). I dont understand

4/11/2021 8:58:12 PM

Eros Leonardo Ley

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you either chose 1,000,000 or (0.01×2^30), so after 30 days this amount becomes 10,737,418.24. the second choice is better.


Before you consider solve the problem with Python, you have to understand how to solve it mathematically. Can you solve it mathematically?


Yes Per i understand it Thx


I cant answer two cases at the same time


Thats about mathematical relations: if Case_A > Case_B: print(“Case_A is better “) elif Case_A < Case_B: print(“Case_B is better“) else: print(“Case_A and Case_B are equal.“)


Obviously I missunderstood you. So what do you mean with “I cant answer two cases at the same time”?


First solve the problem mathematically, then implement it.