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How much code loop

4/11/2021 4:27:45 PM


2 Answers

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The snail climbs up 7 feet each day and slips back 2 feet each night. How many days will it take the snail to get out of a well with the given depth? Sample Input: 31 Sample Output: 6 Explanation: Let's break down the distance the snail covers each day: Day 1: 7-2=5 Day 2: 5+7-2=10 Day 3: 10+7-2=15 Day 4: 15+7-2=20 Day 5: 20+7-2=25 Day 6: 25+7=32 So, on Day 6 the snail will reach 32 feet and get out of the well at day, without slipping back that night.


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