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My issue is about mobile operating system

Guys does any one has an idea about how a software is installed on a mobile in the production process and how that software is develop and which language do they use ... The software I'm talking about is not the third party software but the one that runs it's user interface

4/11/2021 3:03:36 PM

Victorious Ben Otoo

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mass produced electronics are programmed on the assembly line using Joint Test Action Group (JATG) programming equipment, usually via a bed of nails connector. The JTAG interface can be used to program memories, processors, programmable logic and run validation tests on all components in the JTAG chain. For Android the operating system is programmed in C/C++ and the completed binary image is uploaded via JTAG. Apps that are supplied with the device are created just like standard apps using Java or Kotlin and sometimes a bit of C/C++. These applications are also merged with the binary rom image uploaded at production time. The jtag programming is usually performed on boards before the device is actually fully assembled.