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Android developer

Guys, I want to be an android developer, what should I learn aside Java?

4/9/2021 3:06:10 PM


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Kotlin Java python C++ C# Html ,css , javascript



Kotlin -- because it is used as a replacement of Java, it's really elegant, you definitely should try it out. C/C++ -- if you want to go deeper and write low-level code with NDK. For example, they are used in most of photo/video libraries, AR, VR etc. C# -- if you are going to dive into crossplatform development, using Xamarin. As alternatives to Xamarin, there are KMM (Kotlin) and Flutter (Dart). Also, you should be aware of how networking things work (such like HTTP, WebSocket), design patterns (Builder, Factory etc.), modern app architecture, Jetpack libraries (Room, Navigation and so on).



Thanks, guys. So can I use kotlin only to build the Android app?