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Is there any c# programmer?

I want to learn more from them.

4/8/2021 4:05:10 PM


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Of course it is just search in C# course u will find pro ppl there in comment section.


Add c# in your tags when asking a question. This will attract c# programmers. Start the c# course to learn more c#


Get on GitHub and find some c# project. Start with console projects, try to read the source code. See something you don't understand? Search it on Google (probably Stack Overflow :)) After you have finished, go to the issues tab, check if there's anything that you think you can fix. Then, download the code and try to fix it. If fixing bugs ain't your thing, make something. I'm not joking. Is there some repetitive work on your computer that annoys you? Try to make an application to solve it. Another type of projects is fun ones, like making an image to excel converter, or something fun you can think of. The point is, you learn a lot more by making stuff, Google will be your best friend along the way. Also, practice the skill to Google properly. You don't need to know everything in a language or framework, but at least you have to be able to Google it. Enjoy your stay, C# is an amazing language.