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Html to Google Domain link

Hi Everyone! So I have made an Html resume for myself, and I have bought a domain on Google. But I have no clue how to link the page to my domain. (Please be kind :D this is my first html serious project- my weapon is Python). What should I do?

4/8/2021 10:00:15 AM


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Now that you have a domain name, you need a web host. If your resume and the website you want around it to be static files, that'll be the least expensive to host. You could use github pages for free. To use github pages, you: 1. create an account on for free, 2. publish a repository, 3. upload your files or push up git commits. Uploading files on would be easier if you're not familiar with git. 4. and a few more steps explained at This explains how to edit DNS records for a Google domain to point at your github pages: If you want to program on the web server with languages like Python, you'll probably need to pay for hosting. DigitalOcean gives you a virtual private server which is basically a computer you can operate remotely through SSH. You can run whatever you want including a Flask, Django, or tornado server.


Josh Greig is correct 👍


I am not gonna repeat what Josh Greig said. But I see Python, did you used django framework? if its the case, Heroku is the best and offers you free hosting. I am hosting my portfolio coded with django there.


I actually didn’t. I was just afraid to get judged :D iTech


Thank you so much Josh Greig