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Any other Software versioning ?

Hello Ducks, isn’t there other than “Semantic versioning”. (0.0.0) ? If you know other software versioning name, please tell me.

4/5/2021 12:23:09 AM

Agt Reda

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ive seen versioning syntax that start with the year (I think Microsoft does this a lot), have only letters, mix letters and numbers (seen this in mostly Java apps and jre and jdk builds), and have codenames (version EGG, version DUCK, version GOOSE, for example) (seen this in more "childish" or computer/tech illiterate stuff). The usual 0.0.0 or is just a recommendation so others can understand, but it's not "set in stone" so technically there can be infinite versioning syntax. Maybe you can start the emoji versioning syntax. Cringe but hey, it's different and legal!


1) Didn't know, looked it up and it's still semver I suppose 2) yes to all, but in my opinion, it's always best to look at OFFICIAL docs/websites/videos or wikis for extra info. >If you're truly interested in semver, read this. A LOT of info and some examples of companies doing their own thing >Here is a summary of the most used versioning X.Y.Z 3) If you're going to make a huge game with a team (or yourself) you can make your own or do four if youre going to make a small game that probably won't take long to make do 0.0.0 Me and some of my indie game dev friends do 0.0.0 mainly for ourselves to understand since players won't care much


well yes you'll have to learn it before using it properly if I'm understanding correctly, that depends on the "dictators" as they call it (the people in charge, top leaders of a project, etc.), they determine if a version can be renamed/removed. If it's a small solo project that's up to you as you see fit. I personally never had the need to remove an entire version so i may be wrong and don't have much experience; "removing" to me is backtracking/adding more to a version and leave it at that (release that version later once it's done). If you're still having trouble you can use a VCS such as git and use their branching system (very reliable once you learn it). The official website has a free PDF you can read to learn how to use. It's great and if you're not going to deeply use git you only need the first 6 chapters (i think).


「HAPPY TO HELP」 I have 3 questions, if you can answer them. 1- What is the name of the versioning using letters ? 2- How do you learn Semantic Versioning (Docs, video or their own website ?) 3- And which versioning could be recommended in game development ? and thanks.


「HAPPY TO HELP」 “Me and some of my indie game...”, but tou have to learn/know the semantic versioning before using it in Update logs right ?. I have a question turning in my mind, is what if you get in a trouble scenario and you don’t know if you are eligible to rename/remove the version... in this case, do you checj the sem docs or what ? (In summary, if you got stuck in making semver)