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is it possible to make a game by using c programming language?

3/31/2021 4:27:14 PM

Anikur Rahman

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Martin Taylor I thought about CSV first, but I would prefer SQLite because if you have a very large CSV file and you want to update data in the mid of the file you have to rewrite all data from this position up to the end. With SQLite you can just update some bytes at an arbitrary position. This will help to keep the wear-level of the harddrive or SSD low. 🙂


Of course you can code a game with C. But with C alone you will not get lucky. For the screenart you will also need some GUI framework. For saving and loading game scores or sceneries you will need some kind of database where you perhaps need SQL.


Martin Taylor The database was just an idea of mine. If I would code a game, I would do it in - ehm - Python and store the data within an SQLite database. That's which I am experienced with a little bit. 😊


A lot of thanks to Jan Markus, my dear friend because of your valuable answer


Martin Taylor Jan Markus I have seen Android games using Sqlite for game save. But I have never seen Windows games using Sqlite. Data saved in Sqlite was very easy to hack. It told you where money and other things are stored. 😅😅😅. Some games use hash to identify any changes. you can hack that too. Their must be games for windows which use Sqlite. And I doesn't really care. But hacking computer games saved data was little bit difficult. [email protected] I have made this game without GUI