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How many language can you speak?

i can speak Javanese, indonesia, english. just curious about our culture that shaped our programming skill.

3/24/2017 6:46:12 AM

Agus Mei

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So it has not been mistaken. Everyone is a genius here. =^=


😉English is my second language and I have no first.


English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Arabic, Japanese, Swahili, and there's one more. My travel exposes me to so many cultures​ 😊 Since we include programming languages​ too: C, C++, Java, C#, VB.NET, HTML, PHP, SQL, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Verilog, VHDL, and many others that aren't used by me as often. 😎


Georgian, English and Russian.


just Bulgarian and English, can understand Russian and Serbo-Croatian. Those are the human languages, on the other hand: Pascal, Basic, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS 😃


I know Polish, German, English and java😂


* Tamil => 100% * English => 60% * Hindi => 40% also can't speak but understand languages are :- * Malayalam * Telugu * Kannada


[email protected] neighbour...I will try


Well, I have to travel a lot for work. And they don't pay for translators​ all the time, so I figured, why not teach myself? Break the American stereotype 😎


Salut....English, Hindi, French, Spanish and Java! Merci.


English and Français

+24 problem.. but I don't know much I am still learning..


Turkish, English, Serbian, Albanian. Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian is like java, c#, c++ If you know one of these language you can understand other language. But if you try write you will have many errors :)


you are from kumaon..really


some French. really poor German. I had one year of Russian but I forgot almost all of it...


@Mahir i learn them in my house by myself with the help of audiobook and many ebook.


My name in other languages : In Hindi - अगुस में (thanks to Dayve) In Georgian - აგუს მეი (thanks to Luka) I am amazed with diversity Programmer here. Can you tell me, what is my name in your language, please?


French, english, some german and some spanish.


I speak 4: - Spanish (native) - English (bilingual) - Portuguese (advanced) - French (I'm currently taking classes 😊💙) I like (human & machine) languages with simple syntax and grammar (no long words nor weird letters) the more similar to the english alphabet, the better. I guess that's why I really fancy Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML and CSS, because of their simplicity 😊


well talking about languages besides Hindi and English I know a language which I bet no one else here know that.