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Opinions Needed (Data Collection)

If you're to have an "artificial intelligent" chatbot imbeded onto the school's website. What's kind of inquiries or questions or queries would you want? This is meant to provide students with information and ease the stress of going to school to get simple issues resolved all the time. The goal of the Chatbot is to provide students with answers to their queries or questions but I need to gather likely questions that students may ask and predetermine plausible responses to the student to help resolve student concerns by providing information. Please I need your opinions.. Thanks❤️ So what are the common information students may want to know or common problems students encounter that may require swift response.

3/27/2021 1:24:12 PM

Cyber Nate

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Maybe something related with the top most trend nowadays, the pandemic. Like what I should do if I have some symptoms, what I do if my friends aren't keen to the protocols, what to do if someone close appears to be infected. I guess you probably already figured some other common possible questions related to syllabus or whatever. Not sure about the ease of stress part though, are you planning to train the AI to answer questions in a humorous manner?