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BTS badge?

Hov do I get the BTS badge (Back to School?) I’ve tried server ways like done my time everyday for more than 15 days among others. A lesson is completed as the minimum pro day (Nowadays it’s not daily => dec 2021) Please help me if possible 😊

3/27/2021 12:36:46 PM

Claus Arnt Rasmussen

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Hey there < Claus Arnt Rasmussen />, The 'BTS' challenge finished in September 2020 if I'm right, it doesn't work the whole year. It won't work more. For getting this badge we must wait for the next time SoloLearn decide to add it, perhaps and probably in August - September, but don't worry, everything will be writed and explained and announced. :)


I don't think BTS is available any more as it was a promotion to encourage people to learn every day, and to sign up for Pro Sololearn. I believe it was quite successful, so they will probably repeat it.


Thank you very much for your answer. As you saw in my question I’ve tried several ways to se if i was lucky to get it but even I’ve tried x 15 days several times I always learn. Once again, Thank you for your help


Does badge matter?