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What's your favorite IDE?


3/24/2017 6:12:07 PM

Grzegorz Kawalec

47 Answers

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Emacs šŸ˜Ž all day


visual studio for c# and c++. IDEA and eclipse for java. for android development, Android studio. pycharm for python.


Eclipse for java


@mensah Charles, eg. RubyMine from JetBrains.


Android Studio for for Android platform.


Visual Studio Code for TypeScript.


IntelliJ for Java.


My favourite is the one I use the most. Processing IDE https://processing.org


VIM , anyone? šŸ˜‚


Visual Studio Code 2017


JetBrains { intelliJ -> Java pycharm -> python webstorm -> HTML/CSS/JS Phpstorm -> php CLion -> c/c++ Rider -> c# } VIM { ALL; }


vim, vs code


Python for windows 3.6 IDLE


Visual studio for java




Brackets for HTML, CSS and Javascript/JQuery


VisualStudio for C++/C#, IntelliJ for Java, PyCharm for Python... Generally whole JetBrains set for every other language :D


I haven't used enough to have really developed a preference or opinion, but right now I'm enjoying Eclipse for Python and Java.


Advanced Turbo


net beans