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Studying Data Science with 34

Hi guys I already have a B.Sc. in Transportation Systems and thinking about studying again. I am 34. Do you think that this is a good idea?

3/21/2021 6:42:36 AM

Zen Coding

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There are even retired people in their 70s who start attending university courses out of curiosity. 🙄


Zen Coding You are right. That's a totally different situation. I only had the "just-for-fun/curiosity"-factor in mind. 👍


nur wegen Programmieren ein ganzes Studium? eher nicht. Da reicht irgendwo ein Microdegree. (Hagen, HPI...). Softwareentwicklung ist auch als Quereinsteiger möglich. Oder willst du dir wirklich Mathe, Statistik, Turingvollständigkkeit, NP-Vollständigkeit.... antun?


Jan Markus If I would be 70, I would not ask, because their is nearly nothing to lose. But with my age you have to think about the money side of the problem too. I have an earning of about 55K per year and would stop working for at least 3 years. After all that has to pay off.


Zen Coding good idea. It won't pay off. Try a smooth change to software development : Writing some excels, pythons, websites that are valuable for your company .... some more... big data.... then change to another company as developer.


Yeah, you are still powerful to learn almost everything at this age as in my opinion. YES


Frogged I think about studying at a German FH, which offers a state-apprived BSc degree in Data Science. That's not a Computer Science study but it's off course also not only 'learning programming'.