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why people do such?

Some days ago I saw a very dumb question ( which language would be better for beginner? -1day ago ) and i wrote a whole 8 lines of comment to help him. But once i thought to check his profile. CAn't believe that guy was at Level 16 and has completed almost all the language course. Later on I saw such more question posted by such person who have completed most of courses and even replying the thank you comment. Can someone explain it?

3/19/2021 1:29:09 PM

Illa Bahadur Darlami Magar

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yes... that's seems probable... earn badge means earn few xp, and xp are hunted at any price by most of sololearn users (unfortunatly ;P)


probably for badge hunt ^^


look at how many users starts a lot of courses at same time: did you think they do that for learning? ;)


seriously, Level 16 guy would post that question just for badge.


It's like theres no youtube or google to help u.