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Coding late at night

Sorry if the question isn't technical, but it affects me as a developer, bet affects many too Does anyone have advices on how to sleep after coding late at night??? Anyone experiencing the same?! Because it is hard for me to control my brain activity after doing so .. ending up ruining the following day

3/17/2021 12:04:06 AM

Ali Kh

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Camomile Tea. I also read something light, preferably fiction, to unwind. Normally I spend too much time reading technical manuals, datasheets, and non fiction books. So a bit of light reading lets my brain slow down. The rubbish that's on TV usually renders me unconscious inside of 5 minutes


Get addicted to ASMR and you will fall asleep before the end of the video. A hint from me: Switch off the bedside lamp while watching. If you don't do this, the lamp will wake you up at one AM at night. My preferred YouTube channels are: - Miss Bell ASMR - ASMR August - SRP ASMR - Semide Coco - Whisper Audios ASMR - Gentle Whispering - or search for "unintentional asmr" or things like "full body examinations asmr" on youtube. especially for German speaking people: you can "misuse" the following channels for ASMR purposes: - - (you have to fetch the videos which are done completely by Josef M Gassner) And at all videos you can intensify the effect by reducing the playback speed to 0.75x.


Read a book on your phone. Make the text dim red on a black background. Turn the lights off.


Thank you all, I guess reading will do as you proposed, will try it out