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I am really passionate about creating quizzes, I have couple of them approved by SoloLearn, and now it seems to me that I got a flavor of understanding which ones are accepted. Now I will share my ideas, which kind of quizzes I think are more likely to be approved(based on my experience). -Being creative is important! -Do not submit quizzes similar to what You have already seen! - If You will do so, add a little bit of flavor to it ;) -Long and too complex quizzes, do not fit in the frame of quizzes For that purpose we have a code playground, where You can share Your long and interesting codes. -Do not restraint yourself with the scope of SoloLearn's learning content, go to the web find interesting things and problems, than come and share them with the SoloLearn community! P.S. It would be great to share here ideas on creating cool quizzes :)

3/23/2017 12:02:16 PM


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Now stuck at 119 approved and getting lots of declined. Best way to getting more approved from my case is: 0. Searching for questions (book, Online, 'Glossary of single language app'). 1.Making question format same as already approved questions. 2.Making same question for different language. And for same language also making questions with little variation. 3. Resubmitting declined question making necessary changes. The best one for last: If new language is available post as much questions as possible for that one before other posts same question. Look at Chirag (90+ approved in HTML) & Mine (50+ approved for HTML). But for old one will take time for approval and declining rate is also very high. I have only 18 approved for Java with 40+ declined. So be prepared for questions that are already not in Quiz Factory. Hope all will get Creator badge.


Want to add a little more to it:- - Don't think that SoloLearn would never approve your quiz. Post as many as you want. - Feel free to submit quizzes, even if you think they are easy, they are very difficult for someone else. - I know most of you post multiple choice and guess the output quizzes. Fill in the blanks are also cool. Don't think that fill ups are unnecessary... Happy Submission(with love - Dayve:))and Gina and Ram Chandra Giri.


Bitwise operation quizzes are not accepted apparently ( just got a declined quiz on that).


Don't forget to rate quizzes... If you are not sure, if the answer is correct, dislike or skip it.


@Ram sir adding your name to my answer as you provided a helpful answer...hope you don't mind? :)


Great ideas! I hope that this will influence people.to create new ideas for quizzes instead of the same old ones!


Agree! They are not accepting similar questions anymore. And started to approve or decline faster 😁


I can't do fill in the blanks! I tap the menu icon in the top right and then it just closes!


First thing to make a quiz which makes its players curious is to add rare questions not just simple one and use different types of symbols in between to give space such as $# and lot more


And always give options to your questions which make them more attractive