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Math problem

The problem: First traveler from point A to point B travels in 132 minutes. Second traveler from point B to point A travels in 110 minutes. After how many minutes will the first traveler meet the second traveler, if the second traveler will start to go 22 minutes later than the first. Share solution.

3/14/2021 7:04:02 PM

Rytis Karalius

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Please the community want to see your try first,then they will share solution. I hope you understand😉


Ok ,you are sharing a challenge. Well done.I will try if I can solve it😁


v1 = x / 132 v2 = x / 110 t * v1 + (t - 22) * v2 = x Where: v1 - The First traveler speed. v2 - The Second traveler speed. x - The Distance between the points. t - The time taken to meet. <Derrickee/> I understand :)


<Derrickee/> Thanks, let's see :) I respect you for trying 👏