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How does a code become a code of the day?

3/23/2017 10:07:26 AM

Igor Makarsky

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@Ekansh Not only web codes. For example, the latest code of the day was [Python] Hello world v. 1.1 by Kuba Siekierzyński.


@Kuba, Pong had 5 likes and then got the COD xD


It has to be a kind of an algorithm. I think it picks a code which is the most rapidly growing (within a pre-defined period of time) in the Trending section. Or maybe it just pre-selects a couple of those and then it is hand-picked... It is definitely not a question of the code's objective value, as my Hello World doesn't actually do anything spectacular :) Rather a vox populi for the "momentary lapse of reason" ;)


Why only web codes become code of the day this is also a mystery


It's not only web.... I had two Java cotd ^^


Maybe it depends on Sololearn's spectators (admins). What they like becomes the code of the day...but in the end it's a mystery :-|


Its been a year since I posted here xD