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Data Structures and Algorithms

I would like to learn data Structures and algorithms. Does the language matter , I already know JavaScript. But many people say that languages like C++ , Java or Python are better. So should I try and learn one of these languages first or not ? Thank you

3/12/2021 10:05:22 PM

Yara Rabie

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Languages you have learnt or about to learn have nothing to do with data structures and algorithms. You can implement both with any languages but I think most data structures and algorithm textbooks always have their pseudocode written in a syntax that looks like python and or c++. That also doesn't mean you have to learn python or cpp


Data Structures is first step towards approaching programming knowledge. It is needed for every constructive work it's better now to learn Opps concepts and design patterns alongwith Data Structures. Database is also a diverse understanding about knowing computer software tactics. Have good time learning data structures. Keep in mind language certification for practice. DHANANJAY


You can learn it in any language.


If you understand the algorithm and data structures then you will be able to implement it in any language. Mostly people use C/C++, python and java for teaching data structures. So, I guess you have to learn one of these languages. I suggest C.


See, it's good you know javascript already. You don't need any to learn c++ or java to understand data structure and algorithm. If you work in large project even using javascript you need data structure, algorithm so you can learn it separately. You don't need to learn separate language for this. Here's a link where you can learn Data structure and algorithml