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Where is my execution timed out?

I know that execution timed out means that there is an endless loop but I can’t find where. I’m doing the snail in the well project. Here is my code: function main() { var depth = parseInt(readLine(), 10); var days=0 var x=0 do{ x+7 } while (x<depth){ x-2 days++ } } Thx

3/10/2021 9:29:13 PM


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it's either a while loop, or a do..while: while (cond) {} or: do {} while (cond); the difference is when cond(itional) expression is evaluated ;)


Have you figured out why the infite loop is happening ElizabethM ? As visph has said, your syntax is a bit off. I think the the infinite loop is because you're not incrementing x. I.e. You're adding 7 but not saving that new value to x. So you probably want x = x+7, or you could do x += 7.