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Can Sololearn be considered as Dark Web and what is Dark web

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3/22/2017 7:06:04 PM

Godfred Ankomah

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Dark web is not always bad, as it helps people, who live in countries where the internet is not free.


No SoloLearn is NOT the dark web. The dark net or deep web is when instead of using the internet from your regular IP address (WI-FI or mobile) you use proxy server(s). This allows you to mask your true identity (IP address), and therefore use the internet anonymously. On TV shows or movies they'll take about not being able to track someone down because they're bouncing their signal all over the world. And they are using proxy servers and 128 bit encryption. If you really want to know more, then Google the Tor Project. Thanks hope this helps


Think of the dark/deep web as an underground cave. Right now we are only on the surface, we can travel around not needing much equipment, but when we want to go to the cave, we need required equipments(proxy server, port, etc). And in return, we get to discover more on what we want to know. For example, some creatures you only see on cave cant be seen on the surface, etc. (Some private info you see on deep web cant be seen on normal internet.)


Haha, still that would be cool. (from what I've heard on movies, even though the dark web is bad)


simplest answer is the dark web includes most pages/sites that are not searchable from a regular algorithm (you won't find them on Google even if you typed in the exact page name or from a whois database). Special types of browsers that are set to search for those sites must be used from an anonymous proxy server. Yes there are terrible pages available there with things that can't be unseen, however many thousands of databases with an insane amount of knowledge are there as well, including university data, archived library of Congress, NASA, etc. Just be smart in your searching and don't go too deep in the rabbit hole, you'll be fine