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I’m new to SoloLearn and is this app safe?

I am interested learning many code languages and this question keeps bugging me in the back of my mind. Is this app safe to use? So is it possible to accidentally run malware or any dangerous code in this app created by a random user? I just wanted to make sure and I wanted to be more cautious and safe of it before I press the run button on the code made by somebody else.

2/27/2021 10:43:16 AM


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Hey there DeafenlyTime2Code, For my experience I think this app is quite safe, or even very safe. Because we can see the code and before run it we can see what it makes. Maybe you can see Encrypted codes or etc., but this is your decision I think to run it or not, just if you're not sure don't click on strange link etc. It's quite difficult to run malware or virus, bcs Sl code playground is not so efficient for this kind of codes. Just maybe sind users creates an infinite alert code, but then just see js before running, bcs you must close Sl to stop infinite alerts. But I think this is kinda logical thing. In short, I think (and for experience tho), that SoloLearn is very safe and a fantastic app. :)


Hi! the maximum that can break is the hang of the application itself due to an error or when running the user code with an infinite loop. but this is quickly corrected by re-launching. external suspicious links to resources are much more dangerous


oh ok. so all i had to do is to avoid pressing suspicious links? and if theres an code I need to watch out for? what does it look like? so I can make a note to myself to avoid these dangerous codes.