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the help in java Hello guys, I want java code or a way to write the code ... Requirements for output: 1-print 2-max 3-min 4- sum 5-exit ___________ |5|6|4|5|6 |3|2|1|4|5 |5|6|4|3|7 تعرف لحلها

2/26/2021 4:59:31 AM


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Please, do not ask questions repeatedly.


yousef thnyan alhazmi Show your attempts first.



You can use as banner in main function System.out.println("1-print\n2-max\3-min\n4-sum\n5-exit"); Then ask user for choice input. Note in java there are built in function min max so don't need to create min and Max. System.out.println(Math.min(a,b)); For array use Instream.of(array_name).min().or else(Integer.MIN_VALUE);