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"This question is hard , may take time , thanks if you help!"

https://code.sololearn.com/c6cB37EljQm1/?ref=app Take a look at this python code..... I tried to convert to js because i need it in web... I need help in that.. Like split in js?? Random from range in js?? Can you please help me , thank really much I am also attempting this. But as i don't know much in js i need help... Plz try to make the code fully in js? And outputs would be alerts. Thanks really much

2/25/2021 6:28:31 AM

Shreyash[Code Studios]

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your (mine) translation to js: https://code.sololearn.com/WQkXSXgEYxTX/?ref=app


I'm very sure most people would ignore this question and it's not even a question. You want to rewrite this same code in javascript and you want someone to help in doing that. I think this should be posted through the activity feed section of the app, hopefully someone will help. Hint: you just have to say directly what exactly you want, something like input: Hello world output: hello world And you'll explain the process


Thanks!! Mirielle[ INACTIVE ] Yes i supposed none would think of answering this question And when this notification came up i thought someone must have told to do it yourself.. But thanks for the suggestion. I can't post in questions just lime write a program to do this that... That would be ordering.. So i wrote the program in python(as i new it more then js) And having troubling in js Btw why do i need this in js? Because i need it on the web (without django) And here is what i am doing.. Takes no input. Gives output as a greeting and your id and a authoritative. Which is all random


Have you tried any transpilers ? Ig there are some transpilers available that transpiles python code to Js code


visph thanks thanks thanks a lot


Aaditya to kashish? Hmmm.... i got the answer now


while you can do it manually it worst to spent some times, as transpiler could be useful for oversized projects... but relatively inneficient for simple project ^^