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Ternary conditional operator

Does python have ternary conditional operator?

2/25/2021 6:27:14 AM

Roza Simonyan

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Yes, it was added in version 2.5. Here you can see syntax: a if condition else b




Roza Simonyan No. but you can try like this a = 10 b = 20 min = a if a < b else b print (min)


Yes python has a ternary conditionnal operator to avoid more redability of a code


no 'clasic' short conditional operator, but you could write onelined assignable if..else: value = 42 if condition else 0


It can use python ternary operator in list comprehension my_list = list(range(1,11)) result = ['yes' if a%10==0 else 'No'] The statement inside the list is an example of python ternary operator


Simple if else statements


Simple answer. Passes all test cases. Change nothing. Add this in side code instead and to_cash >=500 #"and" as you know, makes another condition to follow. Like, this AND that. The rest is already written. Thank you for reading ❤️ I hope this helps


A complex sample: age = int(input()) print("baby" if age<1 else "toddler" if age<3 else "preschool" if age <5 else "grade school" if age<12 else "teen" if age<18 else "young adult" if age <21 else "adult" if age<39 else "middle aged" if age<59 else "old") 😀