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How we can publish our application in play Store in free

I have an application related to notepad I want to publish it on play Store in free. I don't want to earn money. Only for publish app in play Store Give me steps to publish

2/23/2021 10:27:52 AM

Code With Tarun

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Code With Tarun Well, to publish your app at play store for free is probably not possible. But you can publish for free at Amazon app store. Hope this helps. Please ask questions related to programming only.


Cost : 25$ Not free Have tried but all fake websites are there. Try anything other than playstore And apple app store is you have to buy subscription and payment monthly/yearly


Chris C. Will Patreon give earnings to us even if we are non-US citizens like Canada, India or any other countries?


Well there is no fee to upload apps on Google's play store but you would need an developer account for the same which (as other already mentioned) costs 25$(one time payment) which is I think is not too much compared to how apple charges 99$ (per annum) from you for the same.


Google it...😃


Create a website and create a download link to your app. Start a Patreon and get people to subscribe to your patreon. Offer updates. Once you make enough money buy a developer account for the google play store. Then upload your app to the play store. Takes a little time and effort but in the end it's free :D


max 1750 rupeese or $25, not for free cost


AMOGHA. A. K. They offer different currencies. All information can be found in their FAQ