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Opinion Regarding 'Quizzes'

I see many questions submitted (and a fair number published) for HTML, which are NOT answered in the HTML Fundamentals course. Some are about HTML, but not covered here. Some are about CSS, and are covered in the CSS course. I've even seen some JS questions, submitted as HTML. We DO need CSS challenges, which are not currently supported, but this does NOT make CSS questions fit in HTML. Challenges exist to challenge and promote mastery of the material covered, in the indicated course(s).

3/21/2017 9:27:15 PM


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I've created a separate post, suggesting SoloLearn launch a CSS weapon in challenges, with a simple 3-step method to promote a smooth and successful launch, from all perspectives.


idk if challenges were meant for only course material or not, i like the additional material myself, but i do think they should have "course challenges" which should be written by sololearn, and beginning, intermediate and expert challenges fed questions from the community