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[solved] How to deal with "answer-givers" on SoloLearn?

I am wondering: do we have to report people who give answers directly in lesson quizzes and which reason to write? Or disliking is enough? (already disliked 50+ comments, but I feel evil because of this...)

2/20/2021 6:31:33 AM


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"Disliking without giving any valid feedback(s) is against the community guidelines." - SoloLearn guidelines Also, as long as the questioner is learning and the answerer is happy helping there is no problems and this is why Q&A Discussions was meant for. Anyway one possible way to stop from getting direct answers is by mentioning in the question itself and not by disliking, in this way the answerer can only give hints and not direct answers. [Also, answerers are not God, so they don't know or have any idea about how long one has spent time on a problem and this is the reason why their provide a direct answer.] But sometimes I feel like we answerers are doing the work of Google and it feel bad because the questioners could have simply Google themselves the simple stuff(Again some don't know to use Google so its totally fine as long as someone is forcing you to answer their question). "But disliking others effort is not the solution" this is what I think. cheers! edit: My opinion on Q&A Discussion


As far as I know, the only thing we can do is to dislike, let them know that posting answers in Lesson Quizzes is not allowed (and tell them to give explanations instead) then report it. And the rest is up to moderators.


I agree, in most cases, we do the work of search servers. and the student could find the answer to his question in 5 seconds, but unfortunately, not everyone can guess it, and some simply do not know how to Google.


Yup! I agree with you. They should be reported via Discord report channel. Join this server if haven't heard about it. https://www.sololearn.com/post/722359/?ref=app Before that, we can inform that user to avoid posting answers. Otherwise, we can mention Mod Anthony Quick in comments to handle this case. It would be good to check his latest comments.


As Simba mentioned, posting merely the answers without a proper and unique explanation is indeed against SoloLearn rules. To clarify, when a user first joins SoloLearn, and navigates to the course comments, they will be warned by a pop up message not to leave answers. This was implemented some months ago. This is considered a final warning, and as moderators, it is our duty to clean up the platform and keep it that way. So, what to do if you run across answers in the course comments section? First of all, you can report using the in-app reporting feature, and use the report "other" option, and write 'answers'. You can also leave a note to the poster not to post answers. This however is not the quickest way. Your second option is to join the Discord server as Simba mentioned earlier, and report it directly to us in the reports channel. For cases of severe abuse, you may contact a mod directly in DM (for example, when a user has more than 100 answer comments posted). This also applies to spam / profanity.


it all depends on the specific cases. for example, if the question is not complicated and the student just needs a little push, in this case I am not a supporter of ready-made answers. it is enough just to hint to him where to look, in what direction, to suggest his mistakes. but if the question is complex, that it can not be explained on the fingers, in this case, you can lay out a ready-made solution and do a joint code analysis


Disliking is OK but I'm not sure if it has much effect.


Some of them may not know the rules so I'm not sure if reporting is fair.


Ярослав Вернигора(Yaroslav Vernigora) well said 👍👍


this is what I mean by a difficult situation: many of the helpers expressed their opinions and the answer was not so obvious. without knowing some of the subtleties, it would be difficult to answer correctly https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2701226/?ref=app


Sarah Under I doubt anyone here is seeking illegal services as it is against our rules. Please refrain from creating such spam and illegal posts or your account will be deactivated. Thanks.


Ярослав Вернигора(Yaroslav Vernigora) RKK Just want to make sure and clarify but isn't the OP asking for the direct answers in "Lesson Quizzes" and not in Q&A?


Dark Stream Question is different your post is not related kindly delete it


I meant my opinion here. I do not take part in the comments to the lessons


get , I feel the dislike can spread the wrong message and as stated above may be against solo learn community rules(which is funny why program a dis-like button if you shouldn't use it 🤔) Either way it is a bit frustrating when you are working to understand a concept in the lessons/quiz and you go into the comments to get other view points and the answer is posted in the comments without an explanation and sometimes with sly comments like that was easy. I feel this cheapens the experience. Easy is subjective... "Easy" for a person learning their 5th programming language may not be so easy for someone just starting. Providing the answers without re-enforcing the concepts doesn't create better programmers in the community it actually devalues the certification for those honestly working through it.


get I have removed most of the spam from this and the other accounts you reported. I have marked that thread for deletion so it with all the comments should disappear in approximately 24 hours. Thanks for your help keeping Sololearn safe.


"lesson quizzes" I totally agree with you get. Those spoilers are only for badges, followers and XPs here. Thanks Eve for letting me know.


Downvoting should be the best reaction to that but it's not effective. People aren't notified if someone downvotes their comments so they won't even know you did. however, if they're aware of the downvotes, most of these people don't care.


get I meant that CodeWars lets you mark a comment you're about to post with a spoiler warning so it won't be visible to people who haven't yet completed the kata.


Eve no. it just means that I don't go there at will. I love being here with you! 😉