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2D Array Ideas

One thing I struggle with is understanding where to apply the things I have learned. I have been learning 2d arrays and I found these projects helpful, figured I'd share some project ideas. Using a 2d array we can build a grid and by iterating thru each cell of the grid with a couple of for loops we can check what's in each cell, whats near it, etc... Here are some good beginner projects .. Conways Game Of Life Marble Solitare Tic Tac Toe

2/17/2021 2:42:16 AM


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Wrong. This community has become extremely toxic and has way too many mods. When was the last question posted that the mods didn't race to be first to yell at the poor sap because they should have searched the question instead of ask the question? Until that huge issue is fixed, who cares. Let's just discuss programming and programming stuff


Oh. Well, its called questions and answers discussions. Consider this an answer to a question nobody asked


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Regardless of literally anything else this is not a question and so it doesn't go here.