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Boiling point - stuck

I'm doing the boiling point practice and I keep getting a syntax error. temp = int(input()) if temp >= (number): print("Boiling")

2/13/2021 10:45:04 PM

Alita Tripp

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Alita Tripp Even if I don't know the details, your code has a problem. 'number' variable is undefined. Since it is about 'Boiling point', then I will assume that, that number is supposed to be 100. __________________ temp = int(input()) if (temp >= 100): print("Boiling") __________________ If this still does not work, just change the 'int(input())' to 'float(input())'. Or give us more details about the problem. Thanks!


The code is on the bottom


temp = int(input()) if temp >= 100: print("Boiling") elif temp < 99: None


Try this bill Temp = int(input()) If temp >= 100: print ("Boiling") If temp < 99: print ("")


That puzzle ask for no output if lower than 99. Print fuction is a output, correct? So I used None to stop the script instead as I thought that would fit the paramaters of the puzzle better.


Temp = int(input()) If temp >= 100: print ("Boiling") If temp < 99: print ("")


Here goes temp=int (input ("Enter temperature reading")) boiling=100 if temp==boiling : print ("You at boiling point!") else: print ("Not boiling")