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Is it correct way to learn all the languages at a time like (html, css, js, php, sql, c++)?

I mean is it correct way to learn c++, html, css, js, php, sql in sololearn at a time? and in my opinion, there is chance to not become perfect in any language, if we learn in this way.. please somebody give me suggestions...

3/21/2017 5:07:18 AM

Krishna Teja

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nice question! I perceive from your question that you are relatively new to programming so it could be quite hard at the start so I suggest you clearly decide what area of programming you are first of all interested in say web, web application then learn the skills required in that area. as an example, if you are interested in the web, learn HTML first then CSS then js in that other as they are dependent on each other and the more proficient you are at coding the easier it is for you to learn any other language. so on solo learn, decide what you are interested in and start there but remember to practice alot! when you feel confident about your grasp of a given language then learn another


If you are absolute beginner, I would suggest you to master one programming language first. Learning other languages will be matter of just learning syntax of another language and new concepts in that language if any. Probably best programming language to start with is Python.


nope, learn them separately and practise what you learn by creating websites or programs. and learn things that go together, after eachother. for example: learn HTML then CSS then JavaScript. after you'd made a couple websites and are comfortable. learn PHP and mySQL for the server side because they go together.


No offense but I do not like questions about the order of learning languages. If you want ro build apps, learn Java, Python... If you wanna create games, C# and C++ can help... It just matter what you want to do, cuz some languages can solve problems which others can't


Before really learning a programming language, you have to understand programming, so you can start with any language. I suggest you to do that with Python. It's simple and doesn't have this stupid "{" and "}" cluster f*ck that nobody likes... *cough* Then you should learn all the basic stuff, like functions, loops and that, then you should try understanding how APIs work. Then (maybe) you will suddenly open your eyes and say "I understand" (that's what happened to me). After you "understand" it, you can learn any language. The only difference is the names of all the methods, functions etc. and that some languages have the "{" and "}" stuff. I hope this helps somone.


The best is to master in one language, uf you are master in one, then learning other languages is just like having a sip of tea.


first of all see your plan .... what programming language you need for ? and why ? as only for habit or work ? what work ? so, you MUST have a GOAL then select a correct way to achive it . programming languages are the way not the goal!!! but HTML5 , CSS and JAVAscript must be together for designing a web page .


i kind of had the same question a year back . but now i am quite clear . learNing one language , starting from the basics to real heights will be beneficiary for a beginner . and later on you can switch from one language to another , its just a matter of few semicolon and keywords , trust me .


Learn one language. After that, u can easily spot the similarities between that language and the others. So it will be much easier for u to follow. Good Luck.


As a designer HTML CSS JS are required and at the same time as a developer all the programming languages are required. if you wish to be a website designer then learn the three languages HTML CSS and jQuery first because all the three are required. if you would like to be a backend programmer it is only enough to learn PHP and mySQL but I advise you to move to the next program when you are atleast 75% complete in one program


Learn them separately or else you will get confuse if you are a beginner


You should concentrate on one language first, then learning any other language will be just learning their syntax. In my opinion you should start with python and let me be very clear python is not slow at all (many peoples will advocate that it is slow as it is interpreted). I personally have developed 2 fully functional gui apps with their logic written in python and believe me it works really fast not less than c or c++. One more thing python is fully capable of doing any thing like app development, game development, GUI development and web development too and it is not the end there are many other places where python can be used.


I am learning Objective Pascal, C#, HTML, c++ now. It's normal but sometimes you can write cout<< ""; in c# and Console.WriteLine(""); in Pascal


no you c'ant because it's very hard to remember all at the same time


if you are a beginner then I suggest that to pay attention on one language... because generally all programming languages have same functionality with different syntaxes..


at least that's exactly how I'm learning them, I'm now on php


If you wanna to code for web i will suggest you first learn css then php and html then SQL .... but if you want to code in general i would recommend to naster c++ then you can easily learn java and other popular languages .. but it is highly recommend to learn c++ beacuse it is the mother language .... GOOD LUCK


I am a absolute beginner and wanted to be a front end guy, so learning html, cuz, JavaScript first. Depends on what your passion and focus, then plan out the path. Good luck!


if you want to learn all these language and you are a absolute beginner then you can start from easy language like html so that you can get an idea of what programming is. Then you can start learning more language. But my opinion is first master one language. After that you are able to learn new concept of other languages easily. Choice is yours from which language you start your journey.


I'll rather say --" Your goals and dreams determines that decision " So what you really want out of life...... well... I guess will say will affect your mental disposition. Learn To Focus. !!! and one Programming language will have you in its grip till you become it's Master