How can I display an image as output in c++?

3/21/2017 1:45:17 AM


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C++ does not have the capabilities to provide a GUI out of the box. Some libraries that that you could use to help are: - SFML - OpenGL - SDL and many, many others... (Just search them up!) Good luck coding!


I prefer to using SFML to display graphics in C++, but better is to know objectivity of C++ firstly.


If you are using Visual Studio, you can make Windows Forms Application for C++ and add images.


dx12 and vaulkan



Maybe, as a beginner, do not start with openGL as it is hard to understand and use. Try with something more easy like SFML, SDL2 like @Forever An Apple said


Try learning QT GUI toolkit or better is using .NET for windows.


You can use direct x


For making games select SFML, for making apps select Qt. For me is important what i want to do, because "image as output" can be a part of practically everything.


SFML is a great library that allows you to show different format of images and sound as much as text and other good things. highly recommended! good luck!


SFML is a great lib for graphics. Especially if your interested in video games


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