How can I display an image as output in c++?

3/21/2017 1:45:17 AM


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C++ does not have the capabilities to provide a GUI out of the box. Some libraries that that you could use to help are: - SFML - OpenGL - SDL and many, many others... (Just search them up!) Good luck coding!


I prefer to using SFML to display graphics in C++, but better is to know objectivity of C++ firstly.


If you are using Visual Studio, you can make Windows Forms Application for C++ and add images.


dx12 and vaulkan


Maybe, as a beginner, do not start with openGL as it is hard to understand and use. Try with something more easy like SFML, SDL2 like @Forever An Apple said



Try learning QT GUI toolkit or better is using .NET for windows.


For making games select SFML, for making apps select Qt. For me is important what i want to do, because "image as output" can be a part of practically everything.


SFML is a great library that allows you to show different format of images and sound as much as text and other good things. highly recommended! good luck!


You can use direct x


SFML is a great lib for graphics. Especially if your interested in video games


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