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How can I hack facebook account

2/6/2021 4:19:44 AM

Itz Abdullahi Abdul Qoyum

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Try this


Try *frogged* hacking tool 😁 >> we are not hackers & no one will help you to hack. Better focus on learning 🙄


It is illegal to be a dark or grey hacker.. You will be doing a great help for the internet if you becom a ethical hacker or security enthusiast... The above can help you.. Just think of hacking as exposing your creativity with Computers... Hacking isnt like what you see in movies, it's just staring at a black screen with some text....


Are you so dumb to ask this question .How do you think you can exploit the vulnerabilities of a tech giant like Facebook which is made secured by experienced pen testers and you being a noob ... You can still try if you want to be in prison... Post only programming-related questions here in Forum and we dont entertain unethical thoughts and activities... Thanks for understanding✌️ Rules and Guidelines. 👇


Contact your local law enforcement agency (e.g. police). They'll be happy to help.