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Bug in DS with Python project

Hi. There is a bug in classification module (35 - project about confusion matrix). My confusion matrix is correct (all tp, fp, tn and fn are counted right), but app still consider it as incorrect because there is no dot after a number. I think it should be fixed!

1/30/2021 6:42:31 PM

Alexandr Bundyuk

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You can report to Sololearn. Using [email protected]


It sounds like the two matrices only have different data types (one seems to represent the values as integer, the other as float) Did you try to convert the data types? edit: example https://code.sololearn.com/caYmqyI8duO9/?ref=app


Alexandr Bundyuk You can report to SoloLearn on [email protected]


it is not float/int case... my answer is something like [[1 0], [1 2]]. But they want [[1. 0.], [1. 2.]]


1. is for 1.0, that's why I thought it's about type. What do you get for your array when you print their dtype?


ofcourse int :)