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C++ the riddles after the quiz

I find that i understand the topic very well and always pass the end quiz but there is always a riddle after that and I never understand them nor pass them, can anyone explain to me why. Is this because I don't fully understand c++ or are they just difficult

1/27/2021 9:05:00 PM

Harvey Gilbert

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I'd say that objectively, the end-of-module projects are not especially difficult, but that does not necessarily imply you did not understand the topic. It depends on how much experience you have. When it comes to programming, understanding the material at hand is the one thing, but being able to write programs and translate exercises into code is something that arises from practice. Therefore, it sounds like you simply lack practice. Don't forget to try and play around with the examples in the lessons, and go for building your own programs as soon as possible, as simple as they might be in the beginning. Making them public will also allow for the chance of feedback by others (I know this can be hard for now, because they will likely be seen only by few people at first; but hang in there). Lastly, if you feel stuck somewhere, don't hesitate to open a thread here in the forum. If you can explain your problem and show your efforts, you'll find lots of people here happy to assist.


Thanks so much for the response, I only just got to seeing this. I will try my best and have been improving a lot recently, I have even moved onto dynamic arrays now and my plan is to finish learning all of it first and practicing a lot and when I get the gist of it then I will try and go back to what I got stuck on