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Can web development with python good?

Will django good for databases and connection

1/27/2021 9:47:18 AM


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Yes! Django Framework (version 1.10): a powerful backend framework used by top sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Django makes it easier to have a powerful web application to use for all types of projects. Django is written in Python (and is one of the most popular Python libraries in the world). All the best!


Mr.Kalyankumar if this question has no answer i will go with php for server-side proggramming But python is famous for communities of google and youtube which is written new in python replaced php so thats why i want answer python supports webdev can it interact with html code


Yes python may help you , but Java Script is important here !


I too want answer for that😅


Thanks Rishav


I have worked in both php and python as backend Php is much easier to use then python in backend But if you wants to be web developer then you should learn both python and php


Rushikesh✨ yes! Python is good for web development. I recently migrated from PHP (Codeigniter and Laravel) to Python (Django) and I was regretting why I hadn't done so sooner. This is what I have found so far: - Django is surprisingly very lightweight compared to Laravel, yet it is able to do all the complex things I had done with Laravel. - Django is super easy to setup! - It is also easy to learn. - You can easily use Django for a fullstack web app or for simply serving APIs. - the list goes on... Besides, the trend today is driving toward python so it would be safe to get a good grip on using it for web development.


Python is not usually used on the front end though.


Yes. Django Framework Best


Yeah. But, You should to know about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Php...


Hi Shail Murtaza I am curious to know why you say PHP is much easier to use than python. You have some examples?


Well , html is the best source 🙂


Yes, Python is a good idea for web development and data mangement. Still, JavaScript is a must.


use Django