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Can I make my own webserver and domain name without investing my money???

There are many web hosting and domain in the market but I want to free domain and web hosting.

1/27/2021 9:20:47 AM


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The domain name is a deal breaker. You can't get a custom domain name for free if it is the level of They can be in the range of $10 to $20 per year which is far cheaper than most hosting. You might be able to find some free subdomains with, though. You can get free hosting of websites with PHP and MySQL at: Reliability isn't the best and you need to turn off ads from their control panel I think but it is free. That is good for learning how to deploy websites before paying for one. The reliability issues make 000webhost not very good if you have a website you want for a small business. You can host static websites(html, css, web browser-based JavaScript) using github pages. That is as reliable as any commercially available web host. You just can't run any code on github's servers.


You can build your own server hardware, install a web server and a domain name server (DNS) on it. You just can't connect it to the internet. Which is fine if you are building an intranet. Giving yourself a domain name and using your own DNS would be like giving yourself a phone number. It's fine on your own network but if you wish to connect to other networks you have to play by the agreed upon rules.


Josh Greig, you are absolutely right. I was merely expanding on your answer to provide more information. For small networks you can get away without a domain name server by using static ip addresses and making entries in... /etc/hosts - Linux c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts - Windows 10 This also works for local class C network addresses that are connected to the internet via a router or for setting up a local test/development server.


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Martin, yes that would be good for people in places where Internet service is hard to afford like Cuba. There is a video on a group creating an intranet for gaming and some very basic ecommerce at . North Korea probably does similar. I thought he'd want something more conventional for a domain name, though.