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Site performance

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask about your experience with the website version of SoloLearn because at first it worked nothing but fine for me, but now, it doesn't load at all or it loads way too hard and I don't know why. I am using Chrome. Any ideas?

1/25/2021 1:36:38 PM


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Yeah, experience the same thing... but seem to be back now at the time of writing at least :) But it has come and gone a couple of times during the last couple of hours for me... Edit: Still coming and going it seems.


There seems to be an outage or maintenance going on right now. The performance right now is not normal Behaviour :)


Now it seems a bit more stable... have ben able to load the courses since about 10 minutes back... cross my fingers it stays this way :) Happy coding everyone.


Thanks, I was just worried, I thought it was because of something I did, althought my connection is good and the other sites work just fine :)


Still slow/down for me :(


I still can't access it from my laptop..:(