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Tell answer and explain.

In python challenge there is a question where we have to delay time. (don't know exact question because i removed history). And fill in the blanks are like this: Import ____ _________(something) Here first we import time module and then what should i do? *some challengers like Ozair Khan MiKoLa🇳🇬IDLE etc. Can you please help me...

1/18/2021 4:55:01 PM


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import time time.sleep(seconds) This will delay or wait n seconds before executing the next program or the next lines of codes after it.


import time time.sleep(time);


Krish [less active] ✔️ thanks


time.sleep(5) , program will sleep for 5 seconds


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0 He used loop for delay)) How will you(to all) do delay when not having functions?