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Comment ways to earn XP

As we all know, as you get more XP and your level is increasing, making XP from challenges is really hard. What other ways of getting XP do you know? Comment below! :)

3/18/2017 8:52:22 PM


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I am in the same boat like you're. Xp is really hard to move even with 100 units daily ahead with challenges only. Here we have to show our creativity. Codes - interesting ones. Helping others questions and win badges eventually. Badges can be taken once, but can scores multiple times when the criteria is met. New language challenges are good source for a while but after time it became again harder. Required more time, exploring the exams of the challenges and so on.


I think Sololearn should give preference over codes instead of challenges , there are very few badges for codes they should increase it .


There can be more badges for quizzes. 1. Get 20 quizzes approved in each language 2. Get 200 quizzes approved in the quiz factory 3. Get 100 quizzes approved in a language 4. Get 20 quizzes approved in at least 3 languages


I think Boris' comment about writing codes is a good comment.


Maybe: 1) xp for "code of the day" 2) adjust tutorials so learning path is directly through "Try it yourself" . good thread here


You can still do challenges but with languages you haven't tried yet...


Thank you Joe, but I think xp shouldn't be our main target; if I increse my programming skills to make projects it will be better. Xp is just a motivation. and definitely Utkarsh I am agree with you.


try to increase ur knowledge instead of increasing xp


winning challenges is nice source for xp too if you are challenging high level players


'quizz' you said, but when you creat a quizz, you have 80% risk of not being accepted. so hard way again, but you don't lose xp like challenges when you lose.


Hahaha gud one but it would be great if our comments contains some knowledge and we dk something productive here


like really do you get xps for commenting???


Making programs


learning new code to write amazing code!


i need to 200 xp in Java, how many quizzes should i make?


👉Increase your knowledge not XPS🤷


This apps is so amazing which you can use to improve your knowledge. I can use this app to Improve my learnings :)


xp us what i want to improve my level


I earn XP by challenging my friend and classmates and also by answering the beginners tutorial hope get my level more higher


I want xp please