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How is each section of the skills pie chart calculated?

Learner: Based on course completion. You get 100% when you complete all 12 courses. Challenger: Based on number of challenges won. You get 1% per 10 wins, so you need to win 1000 challenges to get 100%. Influencer: Based on number of followers. You get 1% per 10 followers, so you need 1000 followers to get 100%. Coder: For each code that gets 5+ likes you get 2%. Contributor: For each post that gets 5+ likes you get 2%.

3/18/2017 4:17:22 PM

Michael Foster

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For each code you post which gets 5 likes and above, +2% coder stats. For each post on the discuss section which gets 5 likes and above, +2% contributor stats.


I think you're right about the contributor stats Hatsy. I had 12% before this post got 5 likes and 14% after. Thanks!


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+5 xp bonus for every daily streak +100 xp bonus for every 30-day streak +500 xp bonus for 100-day streak +750 xp bonus for 180-day streak +1000 xp bonus for 365-day streak +5 xp bonus for 500-day streak :(


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Helped a lot for my full pie chart completion


@Ran, you get a daily bonus just for being active. I believe for likes or not, submitting code, posting, courses, etc. Also folks like your code, posts. But it seems like challenges can get you the most xp. That's my experience so far.


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Thanks, OMG πŸ˜“ Win 1000 Challenges.


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@ Michael. Great info. Exactly what I was looking for. Now I know how active I need to be to a complete circle 100% pie chart.


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Thanks! And what about the xp? Do you get xp from other things than challenges?


Very good info! I am happy to know that . I am going to work for earning 100% in each pie chart.


For contributer, does likes on answers to posts as well as posts count towards pie chart?