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Unhelpful Support Team (Tones of unsolved issues)

Every single feedback I give, Support team worked on none of them. . 1. First I reported few months ago that, whenever I try to create a shortcut of Java (course) Solo Learn App keep crushing (on Android 6.0 & 7.0). They just told me to update the app but in reality this issue still remains. . 2. Few weeks ago I reported Python playground not working with prompt message (anyone can check it) but They didn't replied anything hopeful. [List will be updated within few hours]

12/22/2020 12:25:13 PM

Mehedi Ferdous 🇧🇩

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Continuation to BeegCat s answer , You can Send another feedback to Sololearn reporting" Unhelpful support team " at [email protected] ...Lol You can elaborate the points there .We could do nothing on this ...


Ok, so what do we have to do? Nothing. We can, by the way, do nothing. Tell this to em, not us. Playstore reviews? Ahaa!! Go there, yell your heart out. The devs won't see your question here, but the playstore rating.


As the previous responses said, we cannot do anything, and youe only option is to mail them again if you wish. The dev team work hard to mantain the app in each update, so no need to rage if they last some months to fix something.